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Kirnan Farms Outfitters - Simon

" I had the pleasure of turkey hunting with Bill Miller on his Kirnan Farm the last couple of days. Bill and his family were extremely personable, knowledgeable and very professional about their guide service. The mornings started with coffee and a review of where Bill has been actively scouting the birds in the area. I have hunted with other guides that, when you arrive, say "let's go find us a bird". Well Bill has done all that work already and knows exactly how many Toms are in each area and the times that they become active. Every morning we went out there were birds all over the place. There is nothing like hearing 8-10 Toms hammering in the trees all around you and waiting for them to fly down into your setup. I cannot talk more highly enough about the fun experience I had with Bill and I look forward to seeing him again in the fall to bag a deer or two."

Mr. Simon Paola

Fredericksburg, Virginia 


Bill did an excellent job finding the birds (turkeys) right when we got there. The night before, he pulled out a map and showed me exactly where he had seen them and his plan of action for the day to come. Sure enough, we showed up and saw over 11 birds in the first spot we went to. Had a great time with Bill; really a nice guy. In addition, Billís house is a great place to spend a night or two. Thanks again Bill, canít wait for deer season!

Mr. Emmet Darman.




"My wife and I were looking to do some turkey hunting, and Kirnan farms looked great and was also appealing due to its proximity to Northern VA. Within the first two hours of the first hunt, five strutting long beards came into the field, two of which we were able to take. Over the coming days, we had many many encounters, and saw more birds than we thought possible, with it often feeling like every field we saw had birds. "Wild" Bill was an amazing guide, always being willing to get aggressive and try new tactics. For anyone considering a Virginia turkey hunt, Kirnan Farms is the place to go."

Mr. Ron Kling & Mrs. Rachel Kling

Warrenton, Virginia

Kirnan Farms Outfitters - Ron Kling and Rachel Kling

""Bill is a great guide for first-time turkey hunters.  His spot-on scouting and advice resulted in a successful and fun day of hunting; he even insisted I use his personal auto-loader.  The opportunity to stay in the historic plantation house and enjoy some post-hunt conversation and coffee on the grounds rounded out an excellent experience." 

Mr. Todd Glasser - Alexandria, Virginia




Allan & Dale Derr
Allan Derr, Dale Derr and friend Ron
of Westminster, Maryland
     This year was our first experience at Kirnan Farms with Bill Miller.  However, my father, best friend and I were not originally scheduled to hunt at Kirnan with Bill.  We were previously scheduled to hunt with an outfitter we went with the previous year and two months before our scheduled hunt, the outfitter had to cancel our trip.  I still wanted to go on a hunting trip so I began to research with my best friend Ron's assistance.  Ron found Kirnan Outfitters, sent me the link and asked what I thought.  Being a police officer, I ask a lot of questions and conducted some extensive phone calls and emails, obtaining as much information about Kirnan Farms as I could find.  We decided to book with Kirnan and we could NOT have made a better choice.  Between the comfortable, clean accommodations, OUTSTANDING FOOD, and large variety of hunting terrain, we couldn't have been happier.  Bill was an excellent, attentive host who genuinely cared for us, doing everything in his power to ensure our visit was well worth it.  My father, who has hunted for over 45 years, had previously been in a three year slump, having not harvested a deer.  That came to an end.  The first evening my father shot a nice buck, dropping it in it's tracks.  I don't know who was more excited between my father and Bill, but it was a cherished moment I'm glad we all could share.      My advice to anyone who is searching for an affordable deer or turkey hunt is to book with Kirnan Farms.  If you leave there disappointed, or hungry then its your own dumb fault.  I've hunted in four different states with other outfitters and Bill Miller blew the others out of the water.        Thank you Bill for a great week and making us feel as welcome as your own family.  We WILL be coming back again!!!


Kirnan Farms Outfitters - Frank WolfA great hunt with Bill Miller...We were in the field for all of 42 minutes, but the minutes had memorable moments, including a bald eagle flying past, a hummingbird buzzing just a few feet from the bushes where we were concealed, and a groundhog scurrying across the cornfield in front of us. All this before the main event, starting with a hen's yelping and then a gobbler sounding off to our left. Bill had made some light yelps to entice gobblers and saw him first about fifty yards out in the field, as he made his way slowly toward us. "Do you see him?" Bill asked. "No. I don't see him," I replied several times. Sure enough, by discreetly looking through the foliage, Bill had glimpsed the strutting. A branch blocked my field of view. "Your ten o'clock where your gun is pointed," Bill instructed. "I still don't see him," I said, but then one of us lifted the branch, and I looked under, and there he was, about 25 to 30 yards out. I steadied my 12 gauge and fired. Going out to retrieve the gobbler I surprised the hen we had heard, and she flew up and away. We noticed that Tom was a nice, likely 3-year-old gobbler--21 pounds, 10 1/4 inch beard, and 1 1/4 inch spurs. A very fun afternoon!  

Mr. Frank Wolfe - Fairfax County, Virginia

Bill Miller and Frank Wolfe


Charley Albert

"I have hunted with the Miller Family over a decade now, and each outing has been an exciting & enjoyable experience.   Bill's enthusiasm and knowledge for the hunting heritage is contagious.  Tales of the hunts are legendary, and most are true!   I have never met anyone more equipped in all aspects of hunting--we nicknamed Bill, "Mr. Cabella".   Safety is paramount in this absolutely fantastic family environment situated on one of the finest historic hunting sites in Virginia.  All the elements for a successful hunting experience await." 

"Whether you hunt archery, muzzle-loader, or shotgun, Bill will put you in a prime spot equipped for harvesting Turkey, White-Tail Deer, Doves, or Quail.  Bill's legendary cooking is well worth the trip in itself!  This is where hunting memories are made!"

"Day One--the first day of the 2011 Turkey Season, within 10 minutes--I shot my first Turkey .  Day Two--by 7:30am, Bill called-in a 25lb Gobbler--tagged!"

Mr. Charley Albert,

Lovettesville, Virginia

Josh Miller, Bill Miller

Bill Miller, Charley Albert         Bill Miller, Charley Albert

"...thank you for a fantastic weekend of family fun at the River as well as a great opening day of bow hunting.  Having the opportunity to have my famly with me was a great treat as I enjoyed opening day of bow season at Kirnan Farm. It was great getting out early to climb my first tree stand of the year before sun rise, knowing just a few miles away, my family slept quietly in one of your well-furnished homes. i truly enjoyed the early hunt and greatly enjoyed the chance to re-join my family (and sneak a nap) during lunch. Being able to gather my 12 year old son to join the afternoon hunt was an added pleasure! All the tree stands and well-marked trails were well maintained and expertly placed, what an extreme privilege and pleasure!

I've never had the chance to include my family during a hunting trip, but your facilities allowed me just that option. It was great! The family enjoyed the river, local sights and entertainment, while I had the chance to pursue first-class hunting.  Thank you very much for your great hospitality, expert guide, and wonderful properties.   All the Best, and Great Hunting!"

Mr. Mike Audet,

Richmond, Virginia

Pictured Right: Mike & M.J. Audet 

M.J. Audet, Mike Audet

Bill Miller

Josh Miller

Elias Culver, Marcus Culver, Bill Miller"My family and I are long-time friends of the Miller's and this Spring we visited for the second year in a row, Camp Miller, as we call it.  It was the beginning of Turkey Season we learned, and Bill and his Family and friends went Turkey hunting all the time; my boys kept asking to go.  My two boys, ages 11 and 10 were dying to go Turkey Hunting and Bill graciously agreed.   Bill camouflaged my son's Sponge-Bob Square-Pants pajamas and off they trudged at 5:00am.  By 7:00am, all of the boys were back with a 23lb. gobbler and a lifetime of memories."


Mrs. Terry Huson Culver,

Chicago, Ill


Pictured Left:  Elias & Marcus Culver, and Bill Miller

Bill MillerJosh Miller & MoBill Miller
" As a first-time hunter, Bill provided me with everything I needed from camouflage to top-rate guide service.  He had been scouting a huge Turkey and told me before our hunt to watch-out from behind, because this bird was sneaky and silent.  Bill called this bird to within 5 yards of our location.  The bird never made a sound.  He sneaked in behind me... just as Bill had predicted!  Although my shooting lane was blocked, I have never experienced anything as exciting--it was awesome!"


Mr. Corbin Barr

Conway, SC

Pictured Right:  Corbin Barr and Bill Miller

Corbin Barr, Bill Miller
Bill Miller & Swamp DonkeySpring Gobbler
Josh & Bill Miller Josh Miller & Friend Moe Ron & Rachel Kling and Bill Miller 
Bill Miller & Frank WolfeJosh MillerRon & Rachel Kling & Bill Miller

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